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    NEW October flamenco groups start    

Spanish educational center

Why it is not a dance studio or flamenco school or flamenco center ?!
Originally Bolero aims to promote the Spanish culture.
This is not only the flamenco. It is all the variety of Spanish culture, expressed in the dance.

And it is not only about dance. Also music and vocals, history, traditions, costumes and customs of the different regions of Spain.

You Choose Bolero! And first of all you get qualitatively new level of teaching, based on internationaly recognized practices of SpanishDanceSociety (SDS)
SDS organization is engaged in promotion of Spanish dance culture around the world starting from 60-ies of the 20 th century.
The Russian SDS branch is here in
For more information, see SDS page - Buena Vista flamenco dance school

Spanish dance it is not only about serious "flamenco". BUT funny Rumba and Sevillanas, solemn Paso Doble and elegant tango. They are dances of different regions of Spain.

Those dances, as our practice shows, could be learned by anybody regardless of age, no health contraindications.
The most important thing is desire and mood.
The rest will be done by the teacher of the school, BUENA VISTA -
Elena Tsvetaeva.


Spanish Dance Society branch

Regional branch of the Spanish Dance Society (SDS) - international community of teachers and dancers of Spanish dance. - site of the international Association.
Just believe it is a completely different approach to learn flamenco. 


"Time to learn Spanish?"

YES, Yes, Yes!!
Teacher of Spanish - Yes
Native - Yes
A teacher from Spain - Imaz Selo


Tailor shop  

Costumes for Buena Vista, Catherine Ch, Maria Reid and others, including wedding dresses, Oriental and other costumes were sewn. But the main direction is flamenco.


Halls for rent

We have 6 dance halls for dancing, television shooting, psychological trainings, theatre, concerts, dance and arts master-classes, children's concerts and other


Fan repair

Minor repair of Spanish fans


SHOW program          

One of the Spanish dance features is its strong stage chic. That is is all you need for the big scene nearby the city hall, for a chamber scene in Moscow, for a scene in small tablao in Barcelona, or just during ceremony. Rider and particularies are at the SHOW page.


Flamenco shop      

Our flamenco store is not of a big size. BUT.. there is no purpose to earn on sale of shoes, fans, castanet a lot of money. We order products directly in Spain. The margin is minimal. Assortment ...